Our Advantages & Priorities

  We offer the administration of complex structures and provide advice in the field of wealth planning and asset structuring. We guarantee your business safety with our due diligence analysis of your potential transactions and designing, structuring and implementing of current deals. We will help you to launch and manage new businesses, including the establishment of new legal entities or opening bank accounts.

         We will execute corporate work with the aim of ensuring that statutory records of companies are kept in good order and necessary reports are filed promptly with the relevant authorities. We will arrange meetings of shareholders, the board of directors and the executive committees; we will diligently draft and review the minutes and resolutions necessary for the recording of the daily activities of legal entities.

          Upon your request, we will serve as in-house counsel for private companies and HNWI. We will advise on CRS and exchange of information, bank compliance rules and KYC issues as well as Russian CFC regulations.

          We will define compliance risks and will prepare reports that contain measures to avoid negative consequences. We will pre-review documentation for opening bank accounts and fulfil legal support transactions with regards to AML and CDB 16. We will introduce information about Russia – USA – EU sanctions and analyze their influence on the business.